Consulting • Planning • Support • Maintenance


The main categories of Open IT services:
  • Consulting
  • Planning and designing IT systems
  • Implementing IT systems
  • IT system support and maintenance
  • IT system management


Solutions are customised to the client requirements:
  • Communication (LAN, WAN, VPN, IP telephony)
  • Business Improvement (document management, project management, CRM)
  • System Optimization and Cost Reduction (virtualization, server consolidation, thin clients)
  • Virtualization (server virtualization, application virtualization, desktop virtualization - VDI)
  • Security (AV, firewalls, access control, traffic control)
  • Backup
  • Cloud Services (infrastructure, cloud backup, user-specific solutions)
  • Centralized Storage (NAS, SAN)

IT consulting

Every company has to carefully design their IT system from the very start of their business. As the business grows, the IT system of the company has to follow. You can utilize the technical expertise and experience of our specialists to make the right decisions for keeping your business on the right track, and to save time and money.

Building IT systems

After our consulting, once we determine your business IT requirements, it is time to carefully plan and build the IT system ideal for you. When your new IT system is up and running, we are there to secure a long-term system management and monitoring. Your business development will be followed by our experts in order to anticipate your future challenges to adjust and improve the IT system accordingly.

Support and maintenance

Stable IT system assures continuous flow of your business processes. Your IT system is being managed by our IT experts so you can focus on your daily work. We will use years of our experience to stay ahead of the user and eliminate any potential problems before they become critical, and even before they appear. Our clients can fully rely on our support in solving any IT challenge they have. That kind of client relationship guarantees customer satisfaction, that many of our loyal clients can confirm.

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